Super Fun Satan Club

Comic & Art zine, curated by Katie So,  Stefan Toshef and Shannon Elliott, [email protected], $6.66

This zine is printed on red paper (of  course), featuring a print of a severed  hand raised in the devil’s horn salute  (of course) and it retails for $6.66 (of  course). But, surprisingly, it features  the work of seventeen artists, not the  expected thirteen. Maybe the curators  couldn’t agree on what to cut? If so, I  concur with their choices. It opens with an inverted black cross  (all of the illustrations are in black),  and from thereon in the demons  reign. Adorable child demons (Jack  Wu), demons that look like they were  drawn by adorable children (Celina  Kurz) and even grandmotherly types  (Katie So) get in on the action. Some  drawings are a little more complex, like  the infernal imagery of Clav and Sam  Alden. Particular standouts include  the wonderfully cheesy Satanic Ryan  Gosling images attributed to “Ryan  Gothling” and the last image in the  zine, by Emily Howey, which closely  resembles Gmork from the  1984 flm  version of The Never Ending Story. I have no idea if the curators of the  Super Fun Satan Club actually worship  Satan, are Luciferians, Setians, or  Satanists of any stripe, or if they just  dig demonic imagery. Apart from a  list identifying its contributors and  founding curators, all the zine lists is a  city (Vancouver) and an e-mail address.  I want to know more about them,  whether they’re planning a second issue,  and what did the tiny kitty get from the  Devil in exchange for its used DVDs? With these burning questions  unresolved, all I can say is that this zine  is as charming as the Dark Lord himself.  Hail Satan. (Nico Mara-McKay)

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