Folio: Bridget Moser on the Uncanny and that Skeleton with Hair

Folio asks artists and curators to gather works made with unexpected materials and adapt them for the printed page. In this issue we speak with Bridget Moser about the uncanny, the unsettling, ‘cursed images’ and a hair covered skeleton of her creation that got under people’s skin.

Call for Submissions: FRIENDS OF RUBY

Submissions Friends of Ruby is now welcoming and inviting all 2SLGBTQIA+ creatives to submit any form of writing or art […]

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Art Holes: The Realities of an Amazon Worker

The magic trick of Amazon is we never think about what happens between that one click and the package arriving on our doorstep. We’ve been happy to ignore the various corporate cruelties because we didn’t want to see them.

One Last Trip Down Taddle Creek

Founded by Conan Tobias in 1997, Taddle Creek has flooded Canadians with fiction, features, comics and poetry. After 25 years the magazine is hanging up its beret.

Nick Zedd’s Lovely Life of Scum

One of the most important and least accessible figures of the No Wave milieu, Nick Zedd’s films taught the important lesson that compelling art is unbound by any rules of aesthetics or taste.

Slacker Uprising: The Long Tradition of Anti-Work

A Reddit-driven rejection of labour surged during the pandemic, but it stems from a long tradition. An overlooked history of the anti-work movement and where it fits with modern organizing.

Introducing Our Summer Issue (And New Look): World Gone Sick

Grant Ionatán (aka HTML Flowers) believed a lifelong struggle with illness and isolation would have prepared them. The artist’s confrontation with a world gone sick proved differently. Our Summer Issue explores the ways artists, zines and scenes evolved in a planet compromised by pandemic.

Canzine Toronto Events

Canzine Toronto will feature a number of workshops this year! They are all free and all are welcome. More coming […]

Bear & Fox

Bear & Fox Artzine, Andre Molnar, 10 pgs, Inpprpte Press, IG: @inpprprte, $5 Bear & Fox, a mini-comic zine debut […]

I Could’ve Killed Alex Jones

I Could Have Killed Alex Jones Zine, Mark Cunning, 32 pg,, $4   We know by now how so much […]