Confronting Far Right Zines


‘Autumn Nocturne’ is undeniably irresistible

Non-cringey guitar solos in Souvenir’s ‘Collapse’

Kashka sings, “When life gets hard, I get soft”

Moments of grace and brokenness in ‘The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos’

‘Breaking Through Anti-Charisma and Pastoral’ is a crossing of absurdity and idealized nature

The interesting and relatable world suffers too much in ‘Quarantine Town of Cincinnati’

‘Shrek-stetic: An ogre fashion zine’ answers the question you’ve never asked, What would Shrek look like as a punk?

sophia bartholomew & Emma Hicks find comfort in ambiguity in ‘Screen Ecologies’

Can ‘Red Flags’ heighten your ability to spot incoming jerks?

‘Pep Talks for Broke(n) People’ highlights how zines are a form of self-care

Family, impulse and upheaval in ‘Just One Itch’

Open your eyes to a universal acceptance with ‘I Don’t Need To Have A Baby’

‘Fearsome Critters’ will excite the budding cryptozoologist in everyone

The Greatest Stories Ever Told: 14 Books in 14 Languages

TOOLKIT: How to Make Bold Banners

‘see you later in the cyberspace’ is a relatable zine on the pandemic blues

Make a show-stopping meal with ‘Taste of Home Vol. 2’

‘Roland’s Music Shelf: An Essential Collection’ scores five Peter Gabriels in banana suits

Take a trip down a rabbit hole with ‘#REALTIOGA #19’

‘The Wallop #1’ is druggy, grotesque, and trippy

1988’s most popular meme and Andrew Dice Clay in ‘Lowbrow Reader of Lowbrow Comedy #11’

Move through the end of life with ‘LOL Dying Stuff’

‘Keeping Six Hamilton Quarterly #2.3’ demonstrates the power in giving space to people who lack an outlet

A fresh jolt of positive punk energy with ‘Celluloid Lunch #4’

How One Cookbook Zine Ensured the Survival of Three Chinatown Institutions

Hip to Be Square: QR Codes & Indelible Information

Cat City by Victor Martins

#NotAThing by Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom

Babcia by Marta Chudolinska

Shock’s Cocks: Where Bots Meet Botanicals

Ontario Gets Two New Zine Distros!

Organizing Against Violent Algorithms by Stop LAPD Spying Coalition and Free Radicals

Moon Bather by Mara Ramirez

Anti-mask zine hits mailboxes in Finland

Issue #91

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