A fresh jolt of positive punk energy with ‘Celluloid Lunch #4’


Celluloid Lunch #4

Music fanzine, 112 pgs, celluloidlunch.com, $11

The Montreal crew of Celluloid Lunch returns with another fat slab of a music zine, and it’s the fresh jolt of positive punk energy you need to read in the pandemic era. It comes perfectly bound, surpassing 100 black and white pages and packed with interviews and music reviews that crisscross the spectrum. As with previous issues, the zine employs a welcome anything-goes ethos devoid of down-punching or exclusion. This issue landed in July 2020, with the first wave of COVID still fresh and bands just coming to terms with a long showless haul ahead. Naturally, that bummer surfaces in some of the interviews, but only to acknowledge a present reality. The go-get-’em vibes, the DIY determination, it’s all still here, and it jumps out in conversations with acts like Lithics, New Fries, and the Urinals. Longer form interviews with Dallas Good of the Sadies and New Zealand poet and per- former Bill Direen carry that same energy, too. It’s striking, and heartening, to see that consistent energy over so many contributors, with well over a dozen different people involved, writers and artists both. Topped off with over 20 pages of record reviews, there’s just a ton of material to pore over here, new threads to follow, new tunes to chase down. Four issues deep, Celluloid Lunch is cranking out a solid, exciting music fanzine.