Ontario Gets Two New Zine Distros!

//Partizanka Press
//Community Radio Distro


Say hello to two of Ontario’s latest zine distros: Partizanka Press of Hamilton, and Community Radio Distro of London — happy additions to the scene in these isolating times when the zine community can’t gather as it once did.

Tara Bursey says she launched Partizanka Press during the pandemic as a way to nurture local zine-making practices.

“During the stay-at-home order, people really appreciated the personal touch of the drop-offs and the intimate feel of zines,” she said, adding that this was a fun and safe way to engage with Steel City’s community of zine makers and expose locals to their growing catalog, which features zines on punk, art, politics, and the good old Hammer..

Described as “two weirdos with a weird vision,” Community Radio Distro is the love child of prolific zinesters Jillian Clair (of Forest City Zine Fiends) and Jenna Rose Sands (of Atrocities Against Indigenous Canadians). The pair says they share a deep commitment “to community building, social justice and having a cool time doing it.”

With strong mutual aspirations to read more zines, they realized a distro was just the mechanism, and boy, do they already have a ton of zines! Partizanka Press and Community Radio Distro are some of the many zine distros that contribute to the distribution of zines and overall provide great zine mentorship. Check them out at @partizanka.press and @communityradiodistro to support the work of local zinesters!


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