Body Modification Ezine

Internex Online, home of the Broken Pencil website, is home to about 800 other sites as well. As of the first week of March 1996, we are ranked 283rd in popularity. The Body Modification Ezine is ranked number one. We’d be upset if not for the fact that they deserve the traffic. This is a good-looking, smooth-operating, information-dense site. If you’re into that urban primitive thing you’ll find BME to be a massive resource of images and discussions of all aspects of tattooing, piercing, branding, scarification and generally marking yourself up in painful ways. On the other hand, if you let that drunken nipple pierce heal over two years ago you’ll sit back, look at the pictures and wonder why anybody would do that to themselves again and again, especially in those, uh, sensitive areas. Ouchie. Still, you’ll enjoy the trip. (defunct)

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