My 1st Bike

Dear Diary,

April 25, 1976
Today I went to Diane’s house and we played on her swings. She is really great at twirling around like a monkey on the highest bar. I don’t think I’m so good at that because I am littler and I also have shorter legs. Maybe in a few years I’ll be a good as her. After the swings Diane took her bike out an said it was for sale because it was too small for her. I think it could fit me just right. It’s sort of rusty but cute and I’m sure I can ride it. She said I could try it tomorrow if I give her my luck red and blue ring with the two hearts and three stars on the top. I said it was a deal.

April 26, 1976
Today I got to ride Diane’s bike down my driveway if I was good. I was a little wobbly at first but I got the knack of it after a few minutes, mom said I could go on the street. I love it! It’s just my size. I begged Mom to buy it for me but she said to ask Dad, so I asked him and promised him that I would wash all the dishes ever day for a month, even Danny’s and Steven’s stinky, greasy, disgusting plates that have crusty tomato sauce and guck stuck to them from the canned Chefboyardee ravioli dinners that they ate every day. Dad said he would see.

April 27, 1976
After school Mom let me eat dinner early today after so I could practice riding Diane’s bike before it got too dark out. So I rode it until 7:30 when Mom called me in. Diane’s dad said the tires need to be pumped a little and that the chain could use a little oil but other than that it was almost brand new. I think it’s just fine. Dad still hasn’t said anything about it. I’m getting worried.

April 29, 1976
Today is such a gret day because Dad surprised me with a brand new bike!! It’s a blue girl’s 1-speed from Canadian Tire. He said Diane can keep her ol’ clunker and that I was old enough to have a shiny new one. It even has a big purple banana seat that’s so cushiony and purple is my birthstone, as you know! I can’t wait to show Diane my shiny new bike tomorrow and she can keep that silly ring, too, this bike is better than having ten rings!

April 30, 1976
I showed Diane my bike after school today. She likes it a lot and wants to give me my ring back so she can try it out. I said that I would think about it. I think I’ll name my bike Betty after Mrs. Garvey my grade five teacher I found out that is her first name because I heard Mr. Graham call her that one day. And she’s cool, like my bike.


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