So what’s with barney and the lipbalm baby sucking the fly jooce off the riptide and orange robots named freddy wait in line for their turn, to have a turn. pet er said misgivings are allahs way of driving a big white chevy packed full of flammable hockey car chewing gum in the toaster oven. lovin oven. omar sez that im pregnant with a penising– nine months trying to get out, the rest of your miserable fucking life trying to get back in. try feet first next time, but not with magie, shell cut em off with typewriter and sew them to your upper earlobes earloaves beeerloaves budda was a gift in ricepapper goodies and went to hell for believing in him/-herself mother. krafty is the cheese that runs with the milkwolves and splendors the apple of my valley with marmalade on rye with terrycloth goth gitch gonch fucking eadible underdogsthat fight for your left to die a good life…”well honey, thats just what we used to call bad sex in the old country” wet shoulder and helping hand that bakes for the church but does not dial the number YOU NEED. helping hand…diatribe, diaman, makes no difference to meat, eat your steak or you wont get no diamonds for dessert in the desert with the hounds howling at their own separate moons awooo awooo awooo different they sound but they sound the same game that the adults play in the park after bark like a cat thats confused enough togive head tothe donkey on acid whose grey ears feel no mor shame no more shame no regrets except the inflatable pool with a shit floating in the deep end near the cartoon turtlesauraus would you trust a pizza from a place called krusties? thats what i thought…like elvis in the whitehouse and not as a guess come out elvis, come out and run for president– not yet, the cia hasnt finished programming him — after all these years of programming the people to him, he sez he wont do what they said in jonestown kool-aid stand “drink of my cup, it is your blood” stain the sheets like no finger can do but it smells nice for the next two days. if you call THAT nice. look for things the other way and sing with the gospel choir on wednesday that things ARE so bad and yoe just dont know it yet release the donkey release the poodle theyll only drag you down in the lake of chocolate and trudt in their ability to swim for themselfs smurfs live in MUSHROOMS think about it gargamel just wanted to get high but he ate all the cooty bug legs and never found the true way of the volkswagon snow-mobile racing against fiat and the cammels in the a cross the gobi competition for capricorn research eat an astronaut or swallow a capsule youre just another statistic in this bubblegumm machine so plug a quarter and take your chances because you never never know what colour is going to come tumbing out of there.

the Obliviositer


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