Hi everybody! How are ya? I’m your tour guide today and it’s my pleasure to show you around XYZed. So c’mon and don’t be shy, and be sure to speak up if you have any questions! Oh…look over there. On your left, no, the other left! Super Heroes! Batman, Hulk, Spidey…now don’t linger it doesn’t really say much that you don’t know besides in the next room, a sparse black and white room of paragraphs, we’re going into serious zine land — zine reviews. Hey you, wake up. Because now it’s time to rock. Rock rock rock rock. Martry Jon reviews vinyl. What’s that? You don’t know what vinyl is? How about B movies. No, I don’t know what they’re rated. This is all just to prove how multimedia we here at zine tours inc. are anyway. Okay, everybody, before you go you have to sit through part three of Max Blake and the Knights of Andromada, it ain’t great but there’s a time machine in it. You, get back here.

zine / main creator: J. Anxiety-Stewart / $1 / 2-558 Upper Gage Ave, Hamilton, ON, L8V 4J6

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