This is a full size very crisp looking  comic thing that spotlights “Winnipeg’s  wackiest comic talent”. That’s right  prairie folks, it’s a comic anthology just  for you. Not only is this a clean, well- produced and stuffed full comic, it is  also a celebration of regional diversity  and has some goddamned about time  Canadian content. The reason I say this  is because lately, all the zines — and  especially the comics — have been these  existential personal revelation things  with very little sense of place. It’s as if  everyone just runs around getting laid  and seeing bands and not getting laid  and not getting jobs in this one big huge  cold city. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m  not saying every Canadian zine should  have a cartoon on how weird Prime  Minister Mackenzie King was (although  Sunburn contributor’s Bruce Coyston  and Nick Burns do give the PM with  two last names a lively personality).  What I’m saying is that who we are and  why we are that way are is determined  by place, and, well, I’m gonna shut up  now, right? If you want to get a feeling  of what I’m going on about, you can  send some cash to Sunburn. Billy Swift,  product of Eugene Bates, is a local hero  who wanders around the University of  Manitoba getting into trouble. There’s  also a battle with a mouse, Cheryl  Hamilton’s Commander Broccoli “who  thrives on the annoyance of others” and  a sad story about the king of America  who flips burgers, drinks beer, makes  royal appearances and looks  suspiciously like Elvis Costello.  Sunburn is a fun sampler, perfect for  whiling away the hours on those hot  prairie beaches.

comic anthology  #1, 32 pages  publisher: mosquito fog  editor: Karl Thomsen  $4 (includes postage)  PO Box 2061, Winnipeg, MB, R3C  2R4 email: [email protected]

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