Hey, you remember about 10 years ago when cyberpunk actually was the height of underground sci-fi cool, as opposed to the cheap Hollywood trope it has now become? Well wipe the dust off those mirrorshades and prepare to punch deck; the Movement is not dead. Linenoiz is keeping the faith, yea, even in these dark days of Keanu. Linenoiz feeds the reader a combination of cyberpunk fiction and criticism with some reviews and some coverage of hacker culture thrown in. It exudes the attitude of a mid-eighties BBS; young, brash, intelligible only to those in the know. If you’re not already up-to-speed on the cp genre some of the references will go over your head. As for the fiction, while it isn’t exactly of Sterling quality it really is pretty good. Some of it. Most of the time. This is an e-zine that’s been around long enough to remember the days of ASCII. Primary distribution is still done by e-mail, although that line of communication seems to be temporarily down. The website is pretty perfunctory and functions basically as a repository of back issues. Lots of fun. Too bad new issues aren’t rolling out as regularly as they once did. (defunct)

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