The Competitor

You can go to TSN if all you want is a scoreboard, but if you want some serious sports coverage hit The Competitor. The site is updated constantly as sports events happen. The writing is clean, clear and (dare we say it) professional. Plus, it is all original reportage. No cut-and-paste wire stories, no lifts from yesterday’s papers. We’re talking actual journalism here. The short articles are timely and concise. The longer features are well-written and thoroughly researched. The add-your-own-rumour page is a bit cutsie, but a nice touch. It’s an all-round fine experience. Now it’s true that major league sports isn’t the most alternative topic. It is also true that the people running The Competitor are working hard to give it that glossy shine of mainstream respectability. Furthermore, it is true that they are running this show as a business and hustling for advertisers. Why then, is it being reviewed here? Because The Competitor is an excellent example of an e-zine with its priorities straight. Even if you have no interest in sports whatsoever, you should check them out just to see a site done right. Study their dedication to independent, original, quality content delivered on a continuous basis and apply it to whatever topic you’re into. Consider it a field trip to the future of journalism. Here’s hoping they don’t change those values if that ad revenue starts flowing in. (defunct)

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