Comic Review: Butts

cover_originalComic, Noreen Rana (editor),, $10 

A fundraiser of sorts for Toronto’s Annex Cat Rescue, Butts is a tribute to rear ends and the cats who have them. It’s a stinky concept perhaps, but one that approaches the subject matter with class and dignity. Publisher Noreen Rana goes deep with the felines who flaunt their backsides in this comic, loosely showcasing behav- ioural patterns but ultimately playing up for the yucks. With a range of drawings by a variety of artists that run several pages deep, this comic celebrates the nether regions of cats in a respectful (though far from scientific) manner. This is perhaps akin to Grumpy Cat in zine format as many of the kitties drawn have an agenda for making their respective owners the (ahem) butt of their jokes. Otherwise, things get a bit graphic but in a playful, light-hearted manner. Noreen clearly has a soft spot for our furry friends so while Butts can get a bit weird and WTF-ish at times, it’s no doubt coming from a place of compassion. As a former member of a “cat family”, I can confirm that Noreen nails the indifferent nuances of living with a cat. Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, cats and their butts are here to stay. (Cam Gordon)