Contemporary Ghazals

I would have quite enjoyed a poem on one of the beginning pages of this issue of Contemporary Ghazals, namely “Daybreak,” by Bill West, had the author not ruined his own piece with a bit of a shaggy dog ending. Uncalled for, the writer’s presence woke me from the reverie that he himself had created. Perhaps the problem is simply that I seek more stern romanticism than is offered here. For instance, “The Game of Love,” by J. W. McMillan, makes me chuckle from the blunt naughtiness in lines such as ‘Her husband’s weapon grows both hard and firm: He is equipped to play the game of love.” I am reminded of Tom Jones, were he to try his hand at the mighty ghazal! This is a great publication for people who wish to explore literary avenues previously unknown to them without becoming too serious about their pursuit of knowledge. The editorial team and contributors to this zine strive to keep a rather obscure tradition alive, and manage to do so with, seemingly, complete dedication to their art, and a fair bit of humour. They are, indeed, an endearing bunch of fierce poets, those contemporary ghazalists! (Andree Lachapelle)

Litzine, Nocturnal Iris Publications, Box 111, Moreton’s Harbour, NL, A0G 3H0


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