This is one punk little music zine. Its pages are punctuated with stories about various bands and their photos. I found many of the pages too busy, making them a challenge to read. When forced to try to make out black marker on a dark background, I lose interest in the whole, because I know I’m missing parts. But what do you expect from punk boys I guess? They’re too busy smashing shit up to care. Examples: the tale of “Sailboats are White,” and the revenge they take on each other while on stage. The most rewarding part of this read comes with the compilation CD featuring many of the bands mentioned in its pages. It songs aren’t bad, and neither are those scruffy punks with the hearts of gold behind it all. (heze douglas)

Zine, CD, issue 2, $3 + postage, Manifesto Collective, 127 Grange St., Guelph, ON., N1E 2V3 [email protected]

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