The Infinity Project Catalogue

This art zine is a little memento of an art show that took place-for a brief six-day period in February 2005-at Vancouver’s Helen Pitt Gallery. The Infinity Project Catalogue acts as just that: a chronicle of the event, and a record of the artwork produced by a hundred people working in a variety of media, styles, and textures-artists who came together under one roof for the sole purpose, it would seem, of delighting and challenging a willing audience. This zine makes me wish I had been there. Leafing through the pages of the catalogue, I feel a bit morose and annoyed by the sensory deprivation I am experiencing: I cannot hear the pen and ink bird sing. I cannot touch the blindfold and bring it to my face. I can’t see the damn stereogram! How I wish I had been there! (Andree Lachapelle)

Zine, $6 plus $1, Jo Cook and the Infinity Project Artists, Perro Verlag, P.O. Box 60206, Fraser RPO, Vancouver, BC, V5W 4B5, [email protected]

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