Infiltration: Military Leftovers

This issue of Infiltration, “the zine about going places you are not supposed to go,” takes us deep into the forbidden insides of human-made structures around the world. In this issue, the infiltrators explore “Military Leftovers.” As always with Infiltration, the enthusiasm of contributors is contagious and a reader can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of exploring the unknown and the off-limits. The theme of this issue in particular is especially tantalizing because, as the editors explain, “there is just something” about being inside spaces either devoted to the violent destruction of human life (for example, a nuclear missile silo,) or the desperate protection of human life (like a bomb shelter). One can’t help but be haunted by what the thoughts of the people who once occupied such spaces must have been. Contributors tell of their expeditions into such abandoned military sites as the old South Pole Station, Griffiss Air Force Base near Rome, New York, a Cold War-era building designed for a fully self-contained community of military personnel and their families in Whittier, Alaska, and Metz and the Maginot Line in the province of Lorraine, France. The zine and its website serve as excellent practical resources for would-be explorers and exciting imaginative resources for everyone else. [Editor’s note: Ninjalicious, the creator of Inflitration and progenitor of the movements it inspired, passed away on August 23, 2005.] (Nancy Duncan)

Zine, issue 25, $2, Ninjalicious, P.O. Box 13, Station E, Toronto, ON, M6H 4E1,

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