Legal Underage Pornography

“This is supposed to be funny.” So says a note on the cover of Legal Underage Pornography, the zine version of the humour stylings of the folks behind Anarchy Golfballs. Supposed to be funny-well, I’m glad they got the sarcasm right. It’s not that it isn’t really funny; there are some humourous parts of LUP. Running as a footer to each page is the “Hella True Fact of the Page,” and some of these are fucking hilarious. Others…not so much. And it’s not they these earnest cards don’t try hard, it’s just that much of what’s in here isn’t that original. The Caleb Chronicles come close, but then other things like the Pre-Copulatory Agreement are hackneyed. I don’t doubt this group are going to get better and better (they’re just in their second year), so I do look forward to future issues. (Jon Pressick)

Zine, April issue, $1, Alex Falcone, AGB International, PO Box 60822, Reno, NV 89506, [email protected],

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