S/He’s Got Labe

Producers and contributors to She’s Got Labe #9 share the dirty jokes and fantasies that they can’t bear to keep secret. The light-hearted issue of this established zine is about sex of all descriptions. It’s is a cut-and-paste extravaganza of playful black and white photos, drawings, true stories and silly games riddled with cliché euphemisms. One author outlines how her daughter’s toy Tinkerbell renews her childhood fantasy “of a spicy, tempermental girl with magickal powers” who can “come sprinkle her pixie dust on me, any day!” Another writer describes his experience of becoming a web-cam porn star. There is even a review of the Micro-Mini vibrator. I oughta admit up front that the sense of humour in the zine really isn’t my bag but I’m all for the sexual liberation the zine might offer to others. Issue 9 of She’s Got Labe reminds us not to take our sexuality so goddamn seriously all of the time and just enjoy it. (Nancy Duncan)

Zine, issue 9, $2, heze d., P.O. Box 201, 358 Danforth Ave., Toronto, ON, M4K 3Z2, [email protected]

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