Elephant Mess

Despite my reservations about the content of this zine, I enjoyed its cut and paste quality-I always get gooshy over cut and paste. It’s very nicely laid out. It’s rough, aggressive and focused on one thing: the author. Self expression is a beautiful thing, and God knows every artist I know has a large ego, so I think I can mark this as a progression towards that aim. I do wish this author would give credit where credit is due: “Things fall apart” is a line very familiar to anyone who knows Yeats, and this poet loses out in the comparison. The best line of Murphy’s work hides on the very last page: “I always pick the worst time to be nostalgic and sometimes I make apologies seem cliche”. (carolyn tripp)

Zine, issue 11, $1 or trade, Dan Murphy, 875 N 9th E., Mountain Home, ID, 83647, USA

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