Decades of Confusion Feed the Insect

zine, $2 US, # 3 0 , # 3 1 , Mr. Justin D., 218 Buckingham Place, Philadelphia, PA 19104, [email protected]

This zine clearly has a unique look and drawing style, and excellent writing, but does not keep a standard size, and so it probably hasn’t reached its full potential. The zine is centered around music, and both issues feature entertaining interviews: #30 interviews The Scabs, and #31 interviews Tuvan Band’s Yat Kha. This is an informative, entertaining, intelligent zine with a refined voice. Philadelphia-based Mr. Justin Duerr is a more than competent lyricist if the zine is any indication, as it is propelled by an appealing poetic style. This is by far the zine’s strength. Images remain choppy. However, I like this zine because it is forward-thinking as it looks at the postpunk avant-garde underground. “Decades of Confusion Feed the Insect” is for readers looking for unique word strings, and a “green” underground that concerns itself with the choice for a better world: “Shooting stars shoot down my block, irradiating the faces of/ dancing dolls about to fall apart./ Into the wombed hands in the lightning begins to dart…” (from #30) The future is terribly exciting. (Paola V Poletto)

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