Xtra Tuf

Zine, #4, 48 pgs, $2 U S / $ 2 . 7 0 Cdn, trade/stamps welcome, free to prisoners who refrain from pornographic epistolary overtures and commercial fishing women, Moe Bowstern, PO Box 6834, Portland, OR 97228

First: It’s got a dazzlingly stylin’ cover. Second: It’s typed on very nice yellow paper. Third: It contains two very different, but equally fascinating, autobiographical accounts by women of how they got into commercial fishing. Trust me, it’s a great read, funny, confessional and observant. Moe’s story, “Why I Hate Cooking, or How I Fed Glass to People I Hated and Watched them Bleed from the Mouth,” is an angsty, salty, reflective coming of age story, kind of like if Joseph Conrad had collaborated with Judy Blume. It never would have occurred to me to ask for this zine, but now that I’ve had some, I crave more. (Wendy Banks)

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