The Whizzbanger Guide to Zine Distributors

zine, March 2002, 36 pgs., 1 / y r , $4.00/issue (U.S. cash only), Shannon Colebank, P.O. Box 5591, Portland, OR, 97228

A lot of us on the left publish zines, pamphlets, chapbooks and other material that we try hard to get into the hands of others. This is a reliable source of information about the people who work hard to get their alternative info out as effectively as possible through mail, relationships with bookshops and libraries, and other ways. It also has reviews of small press, zines and review publications. That describes about 2/3rd of the publication. Just over l/3rd is a look at other publications by Shannon – including excerpts from poetry collections, extracts from reviews and outlines of the contents of her other zines/newsletters. The first 2/3rds is essential for small/alternative press publishers. The latter 1/3 is interesting. I’ve never seen a publisher devote so much attention to her own work as well as work so hard to get the word out about other people’s endeavours. It strikes me as an unique experiment. (Brian Burch)

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