Round Things Roll

zine, #3, 48 pgs, $2.50, Allison Williams, P.O. Box 11384, Portland, OR, 97211, USA, [email protected]

For those who might think “acoustic punk” is a contradiction in terms, all is explained in this great zine. Combining interviews, discussions, travel logs and cool anecdotes of tour life for independent musicians, it’s a tribute to those who live and die by DIY. Are they hippies? Are they punks? Who knows and who cares? You can’t help but be totally fascinated by the spirit of this zine. I felt so good reading sentences like “We then drove and played a fun show in a beautiful, dusty basement” or “I see revolutions in the smiles.” Williams seems happy with what she has and doesn’t have and puts a positive spin on situations that would leave most of us as pissed off as a quicktempered driver in rush hour. Round is driven by life whether or not it runs out of gas, ’cause it’s real fuel is having the attitude to make it happen. When I read this I was appropriately semi-homeless and out of my mind but I was reminded of what’s pleasant in life. Williams lists “a shower, a bed, a breeze, decent coffee,” but I just want to add “a damn great read” to that list. (Heather Ball)

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