Qwerty 2.2

 litzine, 2.2, 56 pgs, Ian LeTourneau, John LoFranco (eds), $ 1 2 / 3 issues, UNB English Dept, PO Box 4400 Fredericton, NB, Canada E3B 5A3

I can’t read poetry, I’m sorry. But the fiction in this mag is awesome. Abigail Kinch’s “The Ball” is a riveting quick tale of an old romance rekindled, narrated by a person of nicely unspecified gender. I was drawn in very efficiently and dropped off politely at the end. Katherine Cameron’s “Into the Mirror” filled the void in my life where earnest, detail-oriented mystical gaijin fiction belongs. And Jennifer Paquette’s “The Song at the Sea” was lovely, intense, painful and sexy. Bravo Qwerty, don’t die. (Flick Harrison)

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