litzine, winter 2001-02. 36 pgs., $2 cover., 4 / y r . (cheques payable to Tim Hall), $12 U.S./yr., other countries: $15 U.S./yr., Tim Hall (ed.) P.O. Box 1 3 2 6 1 , Detroit, Ml USA, 4 8 2 1 3 – 0 2 6 1 , [email protected],

This is a publication dedicated to hard left poetry, drama and fiction. It may not be the most polished literature, but it is passionate. There’s work in Spanish and in translation, helping to break down some of the barriers between people across the world seeking the same vision. This particular issue had work dealing with everything from police violence (Bronx Night Riders) to being fired (“Ready, Aim, Fire”) to the Palestinian struggle (A Christmas Dirge). At the end of it, one feels like one’s head has repeatedly been slugged by the evils of the world. (Brian Burch).

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