Mutant Sex Party

Ed Macdonald, 175 pgs, Anvil Press,, $18

Ain’t no party like a Mutant Sex Party ‘cause a Mutant Sex Party don’t stop!

Okay — now that’s out of my system. For the characters in these plays, however, nothing ever gets out of their system. They are all stuck, bottled up, locked in constant struggles of domination — legally, politically and sexually. That said, Macdonald is such a good writer that he makes you care about these characters. I would also like to thank Ed Macdonald for giving me the opportunity to write the phrase “Mutant Sex Party” over and over again in this review, which has pleased me to no end. Mutant Sex Party!

The collection starts off strong with the title play, “Mutant Sex Party.” It’s a twisted tale of sex and politics with a surprising (and perfect) ending. “Gemini,” the second play in the book, is more experimental than “Mutant Sex Party” in its use of stage direction, lighting and sound. The subject matter is similar to “Mutant Sex Party”: politics, cults, money and dictators, but mixed with memories of going to bingo on acid and, as it says on the back cover, “packaged in a hysterical tirade delivered by a crazy person.” I would love to see these plays (especially “Gemini”) performed. A script is like a map but the performance is the place itself.

The remainder of the plays are shorter and not as ambitious but are all interesting. Ancient Romans and Hipsters, Crazy Ladies and Cops — everyone’s been invited to this Mutant Sex Party, including you. Will you accept Macdonald’s invitation? (AG Pasquella)

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