Zine Review: Gross and Disappointing

Perzine, Zo Watt, issues 1 and 2, [email protected]$2 each plus postage

The rambling, but relatable anecdotes of Zo Watt make for a humorous and addictive read. The self-described burrito-loving, lady-brained author over-analyzes relationships in a way that had me laughing out loud at parts, and sighing with recognition at the dates and fuck buddies she encounters who have poor communication skills.
The zines are very plain, so at first I was confused by which issue came first because the covers are almost
identical. However, I was able to figure it out noticing the issue numbers on the back cover, and reading through the progressions of her relationships.
She often addresses the readers of her zine — “readers” being her six to eight fans. It makes me wish she had more of a following. In describing a relationship with her fuck buddy Quentin, she states, “If overanalyzing bullshit nothings doesn’t get you wet then you should PUT MY ZINE DOWN.” Although I usually don’t care for dating drama, I couldn’t stop reading.
Overall, Zo’s writing is impressive as each issue covers about a week of her life. Her style is upfront, playful, and not politically correct, but who cares? Gross and Disappointing is definitely a gem of a perzine, and good company for those of us who don’t have their shit figured out tyet. (Aly Margarets)

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