Review: Good Lord My Daughter’s A Goddamn Radical!

Good Lord My Daughter’s A Goddamn Radical!

Comic, Flynn Kinney, Heavy Helium Groove,, $3

Over the years we’ve seen tons of sassy, young daughters rebel against their dads. The gloomy goth girls in cartoons, the wild rebellious teens on screen, all running away and getting tattoos. This comic zine uses a classic four-panel style to show one daughter questioning her capitalist father’s choices. Her dad, drawn rather phallically, is constantly trying to push his agenda on her and she continues to show him the error of his ways. Flynn Kinney’s young cartoon star doesn’t have a name but she’s bold, bright, and ready to question everything her father tells her.

Good Lord My Daughter’s A Goddamn Radical! is fun and sassy, mocking false green promises by corporations, the gender pay gap, and Margaret Thatcher. The daughter may be young but she’s smart and knows exactly how to take her dad down a notch.


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