Art Holes: The Realities of an Amazon Worker

The magic trick of Amazon is we never think about what happens between that one click and the package arriving on our doorstep. We’ve been happy to ignore the various corporate cruelties because we didn’t want to see them. However, in the pandemic years, people have developed a new relationship to work, and have become more comfortable confronting some of the labour practices we ignored in the past and the consumer’s role in those practices. Which in turn leads people to see through the Amazon packaging into what is really hidden inside (besides new socks).

KIT LAYFIELD is an absurdist cartoonist living in Philadelphia. He is currently working on a series of Mixed “Up” Media drawings. He takes ideas for miniatures, collages or songs and translates them into a simple line drawings, since the way we consume art, no matter the medium, is through the flat plane of our phones. His art can be found on Instagram.


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