Zine Excerpt: Menstruate #2

Menstruate the Magazine for Straight Men Vol. 2: A Galaxy of Life Fills the Night
By Hart, tawdryproductions.com, $20.00

EXCERPT_Menstruate Zine 2

Hart is an artist, videographer and zinemaker based in the shadows of Montreal. We’re stoked to be presenting these images from Menstruate #2, a beautiful, sexy and bizarre assemblage of collage, painting, sketches and other found pieces. Hart says the zine is “three years in the making – humour, art and tragedy. A universe assembled in chapters. An experience.  A project begun amongst failures in London, Ontario, Toronto and finalized in Montreal.”

Although his brilliant and confusing letter to Broken Pencil didn’t explain exactly why the zine is called Menstruate, it did leave us with the following poem about life’s disappointment:


Every path forward is buttered
Margerine stains the seat of my pants


What do I have to hold
But a fistful of thinning hair?


The highlight of my week
has been crying
While cutting onions



Hart will be debuting Menstruate issue #3 at Canzine Toronto. In the meantime, enjoy the excerpts above and below.

EXCERPT_Menstruate Zine 2 2
EXCERPT_Menstruate Zine 2 1