Zine Review: Fruits of Love

ZINES_FruitsofLoveFruits of Love: A Book of Lore and Magic
Art Zine, Sabrina Scott, sabrinascott.ca $10

Illustrator and herbalist Sabrina Scott parlays both of her talents in this beautifully-designed mini-book describing several cross-cultural myths surrounding three fruits: the apple, the pear and the plum. The fruits are drawn from a variety of perspectives and splashed with colour on digitally printed, pamphlet-stitched card stock cinched neatly with a bow. Brief essays, which fill the space between the illustrations, provide snapshots of the history and symbolism of each fruit leading to recipes for modern magic. In the span of 12 pages, you’ll learn how to use apple blossom oil in love spells; understand the ceremonial significance of the pear in ancient Greece, China and Europe; and may be surprised to know that plums were popular in Elizabethan brothels.

As far as art books go, Scott pulls off an impressive feat by mixing handcraft with digital reproduction, though depending on your attraction to magic, I’m not sure the content warrants the cost. (Jason Luther)

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