Zine Review: Healing Your Magical Body With Plants and Minerals

Zine, Jo-Jo Sherrow, etsy.com/listing/73853943/healing-your-magical-body-with-plants, $9.64

As winter lumbers onward, everyone needs some inside information on how to stay unnaturally posi and energized. With a lack of light and the constant sniffle we’re likely to develop, it’s time to supplement the shit out of our bodies. As Jo-Jo Sherrow tells us in this zine, plants can be a “transformational vehicle to facilitate well being.”
Healing your magical body with plants + minerals is like a crib sheet to a healthier life. It offers good suggestions for dealing with a wide range of issues involving your lungs, mental health, female reproductive system, and liver, for instance. And while it may not be a substitute for the advice of a physician if you’re severely ill, it does allow you to better understand your body, and to optimize your herbal supplement intake in a way that can be customized for your own particular needs. This zine allows punx to stay punk, but to expand our go-to list of home remedies beyond garlic. In addition to this, Sherrow offers instructions on creating tincture, as well as various essential oils.
The author is very clear in emphasizing that all our bodies are
different, and its important to pay attention to its cues — although due to the sheer volume of ingredients recommended, the method of application is sometimes unclear.
So for anyone interested in new DIY projects, here’s your chance to finally become that good white witch who pumps out health potions and elixirs for your friends and loved ones. (Andrew Melanson)

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