Zine Review: Urban Archaeology

ZINES_UrbanArchaeologyUrban Archeology A Brief Collection
Poetry Zine, Captain Mac, captainmac.tumblr.com

When people write under a pseudonym, I always wonder if what they’ve written is really the thing they want to put out into the world, or if they’re afraid of committing to something that might prove unpopular or bad, and so they want to retain a level of deniability. I think I know which one this is, but these results are at most only half-bad.

I liked the four “Tweet Police” poems, despite my initial cringe at the inclusion of hashtags in the text, and I especially liked the lines “…short black dresses/Abandoning long legs which reach for the floor/Only making it with the help of heels.” The rest of the poems veer into “word salad” territory for me and I found it difficult to decipher any cohesive theme or image from any of them, other than a vague sense of malaise. The poems are interspersed with pages of equally fragmented images, literal strips of young women’s faces, city maps, and gift wrap, punctuated with colourful paper stars and at least one stray hair that snuck into the scanner. #nothorrible #okiguess #keeptrying (Mary Green)

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