3rd Degree

This is a brand new gerl-power zine, it’s not all grim and angry, there’s a freshness and vulnerability in the writing that gives the over-all message of the zine a real validity and substance; these are real kids talking about real problems, but not without some perspective. Premiere Mike Harris might suck, but Toronto is still the greatest city in the world. Julie writes truthfully about her understanding of the word rape, and how that understanding interacts with her experience with rape, both the physical act, and its emotional after-shocks — but she doesn’t conclude that all men are bad, and that the sexual act has to be about power. Catherine’s cheerful article Thanks Dad under-scores this point; healthy relationships between men and women do exist…Michelle writes: “My future children deserve a good father. I also know I don’t need a man because my father also taught me to be a strong, independent woman.” Right now, 3rd Degree is a well-articulated collection of ideas. It suffers, perhaps, from a tentative approach to subject matter — more 3rd Degree and less first person.

zine / #1 / main creator: Michelle / $1 / PO Box 17059, 69 Yonge St., Toronto, ON, M5E 1X2


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