Third Eye Tribe

This full-length tape of ambient/hip hop  action is the brainchild of Vancouverites  Jacob Cino, Andy Ferris, and Kinnie Starr – it s energetic groove music that  ranges from spacey dub to Beck- ish  trash-guitar/hip hop to garagey jungle  beats. Third Eye Tribe also venture into  the PC-MC territory staked out by  Consolidated and Disposable Heroes,  dissing macho shitheads in Ego Man,  and asserting themselves as pro- vegetarian (Vegiscarrian ) and anti- violence ( We re not the states / and it  makes me irate / that you support guns  and the ideology of violence … just a  hypocrite dipshit sister-dissin zombie- walkin number, Jake sez in Local  Rhymers. ) If this is your scene, it’s  definitely worth checking out.

Title: Wasabi  format: Cass.  $7  Jacob Cino c/o Lynda Chinfen, Box  473-916 W. Broadway, Vancouver,  BC, V5Z 1 K7  

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