Various Artists

This Vancouver Island-based cassette  compilation features the latest in the  indie side of electronic and experimental  music. Highlights include Hitman, the  opening track by Victoria noiseniks  Hermit – it s the Dr. Who soundtrack that  never was – as well as the ambient-guitar  wails of Olivebridge, NY s PUC and the  spacey surf-dub track by Quebec-based  A1 Barrett. Most of the rest of Papernet  is made up of mid-fi New Order-styles  with ironic slacker-rock lyrics, of which  the funniest is Mugba Theme, by  Parksville, B.C. s Mugba. It s of uneven  quality (and decidedly non-funky) but  entertaining nonetheless.

Title: Papernet #1  Format: Zine+Cass.  $2 Can, $2.50 US  Papernet, c/o James, 465 Craig St.,  Parksville, B.C., V9P 1L2  

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