Mystery Machine/ Plumtree/Thanatopop/ Loomer

This 7″ single comes with St. Catherines  music ‘zine Noise, and features four  songs by four bands. The best of these,  “Montezuma’s Revenge,” comes from  Welland, Ontario’s Loomer – it’s two- chord, Sonic Youthy skronk with much  yelling and grinding, space-rock breaks.  Lo-rider bicycle enthusiasts Mystery  Machine’s contribution, “3 Fisted,” was  previously only available on a UK  promotional EP: it’s a raw-er version of  the driving wall-o-guitar and raspy  (dare we say Early Grunge?) vocals that  make up last year’s 10 Speed full-length  (on Nettwerk). Girl-rock quartet  Plumtree bring their blend of hooky  harmonies and shimmery guitar into the  mix with “Fatherhood.” Thanatopop’s  tune, “Friend Surplus,” is a reworked  version from the one which appears on  their indie cassette, March of the Turbine  Steeds – it takes you from thumping lo- fi pop into a sort of noisy math-rock  breakdown, and it’s one of the worst/  best recordings I’ve heard lately, all  bzzzzzz/chunka chunka. This is  completely faithful to the Sound Of The  Basement – which is what it’s all about,  right?

Title: You’re a Super Lady  Format: 7″  $7 (with zine)  Corduroy Records, 7271 Edenwood  Ct., Niagara Falls,. Ont., L2J 4E3  email:  [email protected]  

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