Size does not make the zine, but at 100  plus pages, Filler can lay claim to not  only being Canada’s fattest music and  cultcha zine, but one of its best. This is a  zine that allows its interviews to  develop, but doesn’t allow them to  flounder in irrelevance — a crucial  distinction, especially when your zine is  mostly lengthy q+a interviews. Take  Sandy Atwal’s extensive interview with  Cerebus creator Dave Sim. It covers vast  ground travelling the hills and valleys  of paranoia, misogyny and Sim’s Beatles  obsession — and while the interview  does get a little simpering at times, it is  obvious that Atwal is pressing for  answers, and not just accepting the usual  pat garbage. Hudson Valley Hipster  Jonathan Donahue (former Flaming Lip  now Mercury Rev frontman) was also  the subject of an extensive interview.  Again, the questions are strong, and the  answers, as a result are extremely  interesting — when Donahue discusses  being stopped at the Canadian border  for trying to bring in drugs and a gun  Fisher and Weiler ask: “What were the  drugs?” and “What were you doing  bringing a gun into Canada?” rather  then just laughing the incident off. The  fact is, these boys know what they are  doing. They ask the questions that make  an interview happen. They interview the Tristan Psionic guys (who also run  Hamilton indie label Sonic Unyon) and  they ask, in so many words, ‘so, how  much money has the label made?’ An  interesting question, but not one many  zines or even journalists would ask with  such forth-right curiosity. If everything  in pop culture is filler, then this zine is  the king of the extraneous, the  champions of everything you didn’t  need to know.

zine  #4  main creators: Sandy Atwal, Dave  Fisher, Derek Weiler  $4  PO Box 111, Student Life Centre  Postal Outlet, University of  Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G0  

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