In 2 Print

First issue of a magazine for kids twixt 12 and 20. Pretty full of itself. Bios of every member (and there’s lots) of the advisory committees who worked to put the mag together. Contests. Reviews. Lots of reviews. Book reviews, theatre reviews, music festival reviews, university reviews. The first article is by Susan Musgrave, on the pretext, I guess, that she was at one time twixt 12 and 20. The bits of actual creative work that appear here and there are not bad. But there isn’t much of it. Mostly stuff about what the magazine is going to do and how they’re going to do it. Just get on with it.

literary magazine / publisher: Jean Baird / main creator: Christine Boyko-Head (managing editor) / $3.95;$17.95/year / P.O. Box 102, Port Colbourne, ON L3K 5V7

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