b’ehl / Clag

It’s a stylin’ clear-vinyl 7″ of cute music,  mostly done by girls. Winnipeg’s b’ehl  play straight-up, breathy, wistful pop  songs; Clag, who hail from Melbourne,  Australia, are weirder and funnier.  “Fresh,” the first tune on their side, has  a sort of Sesame Street un-funk thing  going, with noodley Casiotone bleeps  floating behind the voice of singer Bek,  who sounds like she’s about 12. Clag’s  loopy cartoon-rock has also appeared on  the second and third compilations put  out by Aussie indie label Spill.

Title: b’ehl / Clag  format: T  $4.50  Endearing Records, PO Box 69009,  2025 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg,  Man., R3P 2G9  email: [email protected], http:/  /www. mbnet. mb. ca/~endear  

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