A Poem of Osteogenesis Imperfecto

Sarah’s 3 cm x 4 cm “mini”-zine poem professes a personal exploration of acceptance and understanding. Sarah was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecto, in layman’s terms this means her bones are fragile and break from almost no cause. Ironically, the root of her ailment, as is the root of each person’s existence, is her spine, her “support system.” Sarah’s pain and brittleness of her bones is heart-wrenching. Her feelings scattered across each page draw the reader closer and closer to her truth, one that provokes much compassion and sympathy. Sarah doesn’t savour her “quest for freedom.” Sadly, it seems to aid only in her strength to “drink and lay back down.” I could never know how she feels except by reading her zine. Pick it up and take a glimpse into Sarah’s existence. (Lara Atkins)

perzine, 32 pages, Sarah, stamp or trade, 127 Oakside Road SW, Calgary, AB T2V 4H6