Cruising #2: The Bathroom Issue

Most of the time, I prefer to jump right into a new activity without consulting anyone or seeking advice. But some things just scare me. Anonymous sex certainly turns me on, but I just don’t think I’ve got the balls to pull it out to pull it off. But now that I’ve read Cruising #2, I’m starting to think that I could get out there and find myself some unknown cock. MVS infuses Cruising with a variety of visual aids and memoir. Using sexy pics with lots of dick, there’s the section explaining the does and don’t of stall sex in a before, during and after format. The incomparable Cookie LaWhore is also featured in a photoessay, first picking up a softie-dicked trick with the exclamation “Get hard or get lost!” Fortunately she does better with the second guy. But beyond the eye candy, what really puts Cruising over the top are the memoirs of bathroom sex by MVS and Trish Kelly. Michael details the first time he got “Malled” (a personal fantasy); sounds like a hot time and I wish I was there. While I am sure it is easier when the event actually happened, writing what is essentially porn is hard work, but Michael uses his superior writing skills to make the scene not only hot, but tense with the fear of being caught. The inclusion of Kelly’s piece was refreshing in that is details two women getting it on in the stalls–in a less smutty, more literary fashion. But the point is that I am glad MVS included something by a woman, about women, making Cruising appealing to more than just boys. I laughed, I shot a load, so all around, Cruising is a good trick. (Jon Pressick)

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