That’s What I Call Hits

Sheri is a total head. She loves music, all different kinds, and she proves it to her readers by providing interviews with any band she can get in the door to see. The cover band “Metallica” offered a surprisingly engrossing read. Other interesting interviews are with The Heroines from Germany and The Vertical Struts from Edmonton. Sheri’s guide to New York was also informative. Sheri does her own editing and it is often hard to read the interviews as there is no separation between the questions and the answers. No offense Sheri, but you should have another set of eyes glance through the zine before making all those copies. The lack of consistency made some of the otherwise appealing interviews, like the one with Pangina, confusing and awkward. However, Sheri makes up for it by enclosing a free CD with songs by all the bands she interviews. That was so cool. (Lara Atkins)

Fanzine, #2, 24 pages, Sheri Barclay, $5, 11203 Jasper Ave., Northwest Edmonton, AB, T5K 0L5, [email protected]