Planet Oz

Planet Oz is an environmental magazine published by students at Humber College. It is composed of well-researched, readable articles that engage with all the enviro-issues that are so familiar now that they barely register anymore. Which isn’t to say that problems like climate change, animal rights abuses, and frankenfood farming aren’t worth writing about–of course they are–just that the real challenge is communicating the apocalyptic urgency of the current environmental situation. Most of the articles here are written in a classic journalistic style, with the presentation of opposing views using quotes from experts, and an argument that by the conclusion chooses a side. Add some nice colour photos and that’s that. The conventionality of this approach may prevent the magazine from reaching a broader audience. There are a few exceptions, such as an anecdotal piece about a boy who can whistle through his nose after getting a watch battery lodged up it. This article is funny and unusual, with a central image that represents the larger ideas Planet Oz tries to convey: that our lifestyles of convenience and our arrogant treatment of wildlife will blow up in our face if we do not make some serious changes soon. (Brian Nugent)

magazine, summer 2002, 34 pgs, Craig MacBride, free, Humber College North Campus, Toronto, ON, M9W 5L7