Only Hooligans Write on Desks

“Fellow hooligans we salute you,” begins this inaugural effort. Thanks Terri. Hooligans should be happy to return the favour after they flip through this burgeoning and very decent first zine. Terri is a high-schooler which is pretty evident in her lengthy reprinting of notes exchanged between her and best friend Rikki. “What should I wear 2nite? Whoa. Somebody drew a really creepy wolf monkey on your desk. (eek)” But what isn’t immediately obvious is Terri’s breadth of imagination. Her “Guide to Common Household Monsters” is hilarious – watch out for Flitters and Shadow Wolves. Also funny is “Kim and the Bunny Candies” a comic in which Kim foolishly decides to taste the “Chocolate Jelly Beans” produced by her pet. Kim’s got a healthy interest in the morbid – in the short prose bit “We Don’t Love Our Little Girls Anymore” she produces several little girl scenarios and finally kills off her protagonist, writing that she is “dead and cold with her little white, secret places ripped open…and now we can’t remember her name…” (Hal Niedzviecki)

zine, #1, Terri, $2, #279, 2906 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6K 2G8