Damian drew inspiration from his eight months in China to create the newest adventures of Dorkboy. The hero with apple-sized pupils and banana-smile is invited to China to defend his uncle’s village against thugs, a task which he really isn’t up to but is taken care of anyway. Damian alternatively embraces and breaks Chinese cultural stereotypes to set up most of this issue’s jokes. This creates a surrealistic story line which is kind of interesting to follow, however a lot of the jokes are easy and fall flat. I was surprised by this issue of Dorkboy, especially by the quality drawing of the backgrounds. They are quite beautiful. However Damian still couldn’t draw a nice face if his life depended on it. It is an improvement on past issues of Dorkboy, but it’s still lacking the kind of cohesion a great comic has. (Frandroid Atreides)

comic, #6.1, 28 pages, Damian Willcox, $2.50, Dorkboy Comics, PO Box 64214, Calgary, AB, T2K 6J0, [email protected]