The Neo-Comintern

Down with the capitalist monster! It has taken over the Neo-Comintern and turned it into a consumer-embracing zine. Close your eyes! Cover your ears! Hide your animals! Hide your children! The corporations are taking over! There will only be room for the wealthy and successful! The world will never be safe again! Wait a minute … it’s already begun. Where have I been without the satirical Neo-Comintern? Under the guise of endorsements by large-scale investors, this issue of the Neo-Comintern, appropriately titled “The Weekly Capitalist” invites us to become an entrepreneur, spend lots of money unnecessarily to keep up and surpass the Joneses. Unfortunately, while the capitalist monster holds BMC hostage and forces him to write articles he despises, we the reader, can enjoy wonderful ‘insights’ into the wonders of capitalism. Thanks Neo-Comintern! (Lara Atkins)

political zine,20 pages, Joel Katlnileoff, $3, 97 Maxwell Cres., Saskatoon, SK, S7L 3Y4, [email protected]