Altruizine is a new punk, DIY zine from Edmonton, but is far more professional and polished than most of its ilk. The people who put this together are well-skilled in layout and design, and obviously invested a lot of time and effort. Besides its great look, Altruizine also has great content. The zinesters responsible have a great two-page expose in which they reveal the first concert that they attended. (New Kids, oh my god!) There are also thoughtful interviews with punk bands where the interviewer asks the band interesting questions. In one interview, Ian from Sinclaire is invited to play a version of “musical jeopardy.” And what would a punk zine be without reviews? There are many of them, as well as a hodge podge of other articles, including one on reflexology, and several personal musings. The focus on music, as well as the highly personal tone of most of the writing worked really well. Readers should look forward to more Altruizine. (Alexis Keinlen)

zine, April 2001, #1, 39 pages, free, Hose Clamp Press, PO Box 35078, Edmonton, AB, T5K 2R8,

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