Elaho Valley Anarchist Horde: A Journal of Sasquatchalogy

A veritable plethora, no, a smorgasbord on the tree cutting going down in the Elaho Valley in BC by a company known as InterFor. Treesitters have united somewhere in the forests of our most western province and have put together a journal. At times it reads more like an instruction manual, extolling the virtues of the different kinds of herbs you can pick (only as much as you need, never more) to aid any ailments on those long days of raging against the machines of the tree trade. You can even learn the proper and safe way to shit in the woods! It’s not all how-to’s. There’s an interesting article on security culture, “a culture where people know their rights and, more importantly, know how to assert them.” There’s quite a bit here on the many uses of actual and implied monkey wrenches, but a warning on the inside cover deems the material to be used only for entertainment value. Well, you can be the judge of that. (Michelle Emmanuel)

zine, $??, box 539, 185-911 Yates St., Victoria, BC, CST, V8V 4Y9

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